Professional Solutions

Our pragmatic, end-to-end consulting approach maximises the impact of data science in improving business performance and helping our communities.

Advanced Analytics

Always staying focused on the opportunity to create value from data, we select and tailor the right advanced analytical tools to derive the necessary insights.

Data API Platform

Our platform enables quick implementation of data-driven solutions and makes it possible to enhance, rather than replace, existing systems and data assets.

Our Solutions

We can help you to quickly start realising value from data. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Data Diagnostics

Review your company's data inventory and identify opportunities to unlock hidden value from data.

Custom Data Solutions

Get value from your data from an end-to-end solution incorporating the best technology and substantial industry experience.

Big Data Strategy

Develop your long-term vision to realise value from data and become an effective data-driven organisation.

Analytical Solutions

Solve the most complex analytical problems with advanced techniques, (e.g. machine learning with Artificial Neural Networks)

Case Studies

Our clients trust the services we provide because we are committed to delivering consistently impactful results. See Datacraft in action below with a snapshot of our growing portfolio of success stories.

Defining the Future of Mobile Security, Health, Media and Community for Seniors

Silverline Mobile is helping seniors live healthy, safe, and active lifestyles while staying connected with caregivers. Datacraft has developed advanced real-time server infrastructure to collect and analyse data from a range of sensors set up in the homes of Seniors.

Why Datacraft?

Client Impact First

We place the highest priority on helping our clients create value from data, and make decisions on the basis of our clients' best interests.


We maintain the highest professional standards and deliver solutions with utmost integrity, aligning the values and priorities of our clients with our own.

The Science of Data

We bring advanced analytic techniques and technologies whenever they are needed: from statistical analysis to machine learning and predictive modelling with artificial neural networks.

The Art of Data

We use judgment and ingenuity to solve data science problems. Success depends not just on advanced tools, but also understanding context, causation, and human behaviour.

Capability Building

We help our clients develop lasting data capabilities by providing them with the right training, techniques, and tools.

Industry Experience

We provide our clients with the expertise they deserve, with consulting professionals who have served many of the world's leading companies and global organisations.

Innovation Network

We believe in openness and collaboration. Our services are supported by a diverse community of developers and partners, including over 1,200 data scientists and innovators.

Doing Good

We are passionate about unveiling insights to help improve our communities, and actively contribute to open-source projects.

About Us

Datacraft is a Singapore-based start up founded by Mike Anderson and Daryl Arnold. We offer professional data science services and analytics technology to help our clients create value from data.



Mike specialises in data analytics and IT architecture. Mike is a McKinsey alumnus who holds a Double First in Maths and Economics from Cambridge University, an MBA from INSEAD and represented the UK at the International Olympiad in Informatics. Mike is a major contributor to the Open Data and Innovation community in Singapore and publishes his open source work under the moniker of mikera.



Daryl Arnold is an entrepreneur experienced in data, marketing, technology and sustainability. Building businesses from the ground-up, achieving hundred million dollars plus of sales from Asia, Europe and America. Following exits in the digital space, Daryl is focused on civic innovation, open data and internet of things.

Our Partners

Datacraft services are supported by industry-leading partners. If your company is interested in partnering with Datacraft, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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